15 October, 2019

I am a Twice-Thriver Thanks to Advanced Radiology

Why are you sharing your story?

Breast cancer isn’t something I ever anticipated in my life. It’s not just a month. You have to be aware of your body all year round. I reach out because I want to encourage everyone to get annual screening.

What happened?

I’m a twice-thriver. I was first diagnosed in 2015, after I felt a lump. I saw my primary doctor and then got into Advanced Radiology that same day—right then and there. Since it was stage one—DCIS with a little invasive breast cancer—I had a lumpectomy, radiation, and light chemo. I had the option for chemo or not, but I took the chemo. I wanted to throw everything at it.

You didn’t want it to come back.

Exactly. That went perfectly, everything was good, until December of 2018. I was getting mammography every six months, because I was sticking to the follow-up schedule, and they found a new cancer. Same breast, but new cancer—stage two this time. It wasn’t in any lymph nodes. I hadn’t felt anything. If I had skipped that mammo, that would’ve gotten away from me.

Say a little about the care you received.

I can’t say enough about Advanced Radiology. I trust them. One of the ultrasound techs wheeled me into the OR and gave me a hug. I wouldn’t choose to go anywhere else, even if I weren’t an employee. For follow-ups, they don’t let you leave until the radiologist takes a look at your exam, so you aren’t left to obsess overnight. You get reassurance. It’s so important to have a team you can trust when you get a diagnosis like this.

And now?

As of the last lab, the chemo has cleared up the cancer that I had. Get screened! I know there are many of us thrivers out there in the RadNet community!

15 October, 2019