23 April, 2024

Announcing a NEW 1.5T Wide-Open MRI at our Maiden Choice location!

Maiden Choice 1.5T Wide-Open MRI

We are excited to announce the installation of our new 1.5T Wide-Open MRI at our Maiden Choice location! This new scanner provides a whole new MRI experience with revolutionary blanket-like air coils to help create exceptional images of complex anatomies and complicated conditions, feet-first imaging option, and improved image quality for a more accurate diagnosis.

What To Expect:

  • Blanket-like air coils producing excellent image quality

  • AIR™️ Recon achieves consistent, exceptional images, 50% faster reducing patient table time

  • Spacious 70cm Wide-Bore

  • Feet-first imaging option to reduce claustrophobia

If you have a referral for an MRI scan, click here to schedule online!

23 April, 2024