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8 June, 2020

The Maryland State Medical Society urges: "Do not to delay medical care because of the current pandemic."

The Maryland State Medical Society, is urging Marylanders not to delay medical care because of the current pandemic.

In their recent press release, The Maryland State Medical Socitey (MedChi) states "We understand this is a scary and confusing time for many, but it is important to not let that fear keep you from visiting hospitals and doctor offices when needed. As of May 7, all licensed healthcare facilities and healthcare providers were able to resume elective and non-urgent medical procedures and appointments provided all required measures were in place, as outlined by the Directive and Order from the Maryland Department of Health."

MedChi is urging people to seek immediate medical care for potential stroke, heart issues, appendicitis, and other potential emergencies and warns that people are not only jeopardizing their health, they could end up with a much worse issue due to waiting to go in. 

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8 June, 2020