21 October, 2021

Dr. Aronson Shares His Expertise on Breast Imaging!

October is not the only month your breast health matters, it is important to learn about breast imaging, what signs and symptoms women should look for, and the critical role radiology plays in screening and diagnosing for Breast Cancer all year round.

Watch our very own Dr. Daniel Aronson share his expertise on Breast Imaging. With nearly 30 years of experience, Dr. Aronson is the Medical Director of GBMC Pavilion Breast Imaging Center and an Attending Radiologist at Advanced Radiology.   

An annual screening mammogram is recommended to increase the likelihood of early breast cancer detection and successful therapeutic options. If you have not yet scheduled your annual screening mammogram, please click here to request an appointment up to one year in advance and get #TheMammo!

21 October, 2021