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How Much Does a Radiology Exam Cost?

The cost of an MRI, CT or other radiology exam can be 2 to 6 times more in a hospital owned imaging center than in a freestanding out-patient center. Without sacrificing any quality or care, imaging exams such as MRI scans cost less at Advanced Radiology because we have:

  • Less overhead. We have fewer layers of management and departments than hospitals.

  • More focused services. Our practice specializes in the most common procedures patients in our community require.

  • An efficient and caring team. Hospitals have to stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle all types of emergencies. This comes at a considerable cost to hospitals.

It's Your Decision.

When you need medical imaging, you have the right to select where you are seen. Not all radiology centers are the same. Express your preference for Advanced Radiology.

There is an evolution happening in the way we look at medical expenses and it is called Healthcare Consumerism. You wouldn't buy clothing without knowing how much you will be charged - finding the cost of an MRI should be no different. Empower yourself to be a smart consumer.

When asking our team how much does an MRI cost, please share whether you will be paying for your MRI without insurance. We help thousands of patients every year with an MRI cash price.



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What Our Patients Are Saying:




"What I like best about this place is that they always charge a reasonable price and the bill is upfront - so, no surprises." - S. Tsang 



"The price is great and the service is fast and easy - also, the staff is very friendly - Y. James"



"I recommend them. The staff is thorough and the cost for imaging is fair compared to other places." - G. Rivers




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