Who Interprets my Mammogram?

Myth Versus Fact

There are many misconceptions about women's breast health and annual screening mammograms.

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MYTH: I only need a mammogram if I feel a lump or have symptoms.


It is recommended, that starting at age 40, women receive a yearly screening mammogram regardless if they feel a lump or experience symptoms. Early detection is truly the best protection against breast cancer. If breast cancer is detected in its earliest stages, women have a 98% or higher survival rate within the first five years.

MYTH: I do not have a history of breast cancer in my family, so I do not need to worry.


The majority of new breast cancer diagnoses, a staggering 85%, are found in women without any known family history of breast cancer. Only 5-10% of cancers have a genetic or hereditary component. Early detection is the best chance of survival, as there are more treatment options when breast cancer is detected at its earliest stage.


MYTH: My mammogram was normal, so I do not need another one.


Regardless if you have had normal mammograms in the past, annual screening mammograms are your best chance at detecting cancer at its earliest stages when the chance of successful treatment is highest.

MYTH: I have had an abnormal mammogram; now it is too late.


Not all abnormal mammograms mean cancer! Annual screening mammograms are meant to detect abnormal findings and address them when there are more treatment options available, and survival rates are the highest.


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