The Most Powerful Wide-Open MRI Now at Crossroads

Advanced Radiology is proud to introduce our first 3 Tesla (3T) wide-open MRI – now available in our Crossroads center.This latest innovation in MRI combines the amazingly clear images of a 3T high-strength MRI with the comfort and convenience of an open MRI.  3T MRI is especially valuable for patients that need high resolution imaging for small joints or organs and those who tend to be claustrophobic or unable to fit comfortably in a traditional MRI.

The benefits of our high strength, wide-open MRI include: 

  • Offers a spacious interior and wide view for a more comfortable imaging experience
  • Most exams are performed feet first to provide an unobstructed view during your exam
  • Accommodates larger individuals (up to 500 lbs) and those prone to claustrophobia
  • Enables faster scan times
  • Provides superb image quality to help your doctor make the most accurate diagnosis possible
  • Displays remarkably clear, detailed images of small joints, the brain and spinal cord, and many parts of the abdomen and pelvis
  • Ideal for patients with poor kidney function or on dialysis

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