Our History


Advanced Radiology was formed in January 1995, when five separate radiology practices in the metropolitan Baltimore area merged. Advanced Radiology represents the united practices of Drs. Copeland, Hyman and Shackman, P.A., LaSalle Diagnostic Imaging, Arundel Radiology, Drs. DeCarlo, Lyon, Hearn and Pazourek, P.A. and Carroll Imaging Associates, P.A. Later, Harbor Radiologists, P.A. and Drs. Perrilla, Sindler and Associates joined our merged practice. Each of the individual practices had been in operation for more than twenty years, and all have been recognized by the medical community for their leadership, their outstanding reputation and their high standard of radiologic care. We are proud to continue that tradition of excellence today at all of our Advanced Radiology imaging centers throughout Maryland.


Today Advanced Radiology is partnered with RadNet, inc., a national leader in diagnostic imaging. With this partnership, Advanced Radiology is affiliated with more than 160 imaging centers in California, New York, Maryland, Florida, Delaware, and Kansas.