The Area's First High-Field Open MRI is Now Available in Lutherville!

High field Open MRIDecember 2, 2010
– Patients and doctors no longer have to sacrifice image quality when using an Open MRI, now that Advanced Radiology has introduced Baltimore area’s first 1.2 Tesla High-Field Open MRI. The new high-strength, boreless magnet is a major advancement for patients who cannot undergo MRI in a traditional closed-bore unit due to claustrophobia or height/weight limitations. Claustrophobic patients can avoid having to receive sedatives or anesthesia while getting image quality comparable to 1.5Tesla MRIs.   

Advanced Radiology’s new magnet has truly revolutionized MRI by creating a more comfortable and convenient experience for patients, while providing highly precise images that can accurately diagnosis orthopedic, neurologic, body and other disorders. It features a large, comfortable patient opening with a special table that lowers to wheelchair height, while accommodating patients weighing up to 660 lbs. Patients can even have a friend or family member with them during the exam, and can stay in contact throughout the procedure.
The new 1.2T MRI is part of Advanced Radiology’s state-of-the-art imaging center in Lutherville, which opened in October, 2009. This beautiful facility, located at 1209 York Road, offers a wide range of diagnostic imaging services that includes:
        • CT
        • Digital Mammography
        • DEXA
        • Ultrasound
        • X-Ray

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