New MRIs provide patients with claustrophobia or size constraints a high-quality imaging option!

Patients who find conventional closed MRIs difficult to tolerate no longer have to sacrifice the quality of their images! Advanced Radiology now offers High-Field, Wide-Open MRI, which is ideal for larger individuals or those with claustrophobia. At 1.5 and 3.0 Teslas, the new MRI offers the power of high-strength magnets, while offering a wide entry point that is also short, so that patients who tend to become claustrophobic or who may not fit comfortably in a traditional MRI unit can be accommodated. The unit allows patients both more room and a more spacious field of view.

This new technology is NOW available at Crain Towers Imaging Center in Glen Burnie, Fisher Medical Building in Westminster and Crossroads Imaging Center in Ellicott City.

Advanced Radiology MRI Patient Comfort

Benefits of High-Field Wide-Open MRI include:

  • 70 cm bore diameter provides 10” more anterior space compared to traditional open MRIs.
  • Short 45” bore length is half the size of a standard MRI. With only 22.5” to the center of the magnet, the patient’s head can remain outside the machine while performing mid-body exams.
  • Most studies can be performed feet first, offering patients an unobstructed view and a more comfortable imaging experience.
  • Wide open design accommodates larger individuals and those prone to claustrophobia (max. 500 lbs).
  • High-field strength delivers faster scan times and exquisite image quality.
  • Ability to perform non-contrast enhanced Renal MR angiography (MRA) for patients with poor kidney function or on dialysis.

Available only at the following Advanced Radiology locations

Crain Towers Imaging Center
1600 Crain Highway Suite 101
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
P: (410) 918-3200
F: (410) 918-3224
High-Field Wide-Open MRI/MRA * CT * Ultrasound * X-Ray


Fisher Medical Building
193 Stoner Avenue, Suite 200
Westminster, MD 21157
P: (410) 876-9898
F: (410) 876-9808
PET/CT: (443) 436-1324
High-Field Wide-Open MRI/MRA * PET/CT * CT * Nuclear Medicine
Digital Mammography  * Ultrasound * Fluoroscopy  *X-Ray * DEXA


Crossroads Imaging Center
4801  Dorsey Hall Drive, Suite 101
Ellicott City, MD 21042
P: (443) 436-1600
F: (443) 436-1602
PET/CT: (410) 918-3618
3T Wide-Open MRI/MRA * PET/CT * CT * Nuclear Medicine
Digital Mammography * Ultrasound * Fluoroscopy * X-Ray * DEXA